About Us
Siddhant Infra is a first generation real estate company. Our idea of building residences culminated out of a real search of a home. Which is when we encountered many of the struggles everyone who’s looking to buy a home faces. And it is our endeavour to tackle as much of these as possible.

Our team works with one thought in mind - would this be a home I would be proud to live in? And this, we believe is where the difference between ‘living quarters’ and ‘homes crafted with love’ begin to show. We’re not big acclaimed builders, which means we’re working extra hard to give you the best we can in every way.
Site Address:
Palace Orchids, Opp Polo Ground,
New Palace North side, Raman Mala,
Tel: 0231- 2600630
Email: siddhant.infra@gmail.com
+91 976 484 8844